Guide To Chord Changing

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Chord changing is such a common problem…

One of the most common problems we experience when we’re still relatively new to guitar is trying to change chords smoothly and in time. Even guitarists who have played for many years can find that they have problems changing chords fluently when it comes to songs with particularly fast changes, or extended chords with difficult fingerings. It’s so frustrating to be unable to play a whole song because of one or two tricky chord changes that you just never seem to be able to get right.


… But it’s all to do with how you practice

Many beginners have sought out lessons because of this particular challenge. I have found that the underlying problem is usually not anything to do with the student or their technique, but simply in the completely inefficient and ineffective methods that most people use to practice chord changing.

This is why I have written a special guide showing you exactly what steps to take to get much better results from your chord changing practice in a much shorter time. There are audio and video examples of each method I talk about so that you can follow along, see the techniques demonstrated, and understand exactly what to do for yourself. It is by far the most detailed guide I have seen on this topic, and goes into much more detail than the typical guitar teacher’s advice to ‘just practice more’ (- as if you hadn’t tried that already!). This guide goes much further, showing you precisely ‘how’ to practice chord changing, and equipping you with an arsenal of strategies to master even the toughest chord changes in the music you want to play.


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