Frequently asked questions about guitar lessons in Glasgow with Frets on Fire

  • “Which styles of music is this Program for?”

This Program is 100% dedicated to learning Rock, Blues and Metal Guitar in the most fun, fastest, and most effective way.

The Program DOES NOT feature lessons or teaching in Classical, Flamenco, Jazz, Fusion/Internet-shredding, Country, Progressive Metal, “Djent”, Pop, Punk, Indie, Folk, Fingerpicking, Acoustic, or other styles. If you are not sure if you really want to learn Rock or Blues, or if you’d prefer to focus or dabble in other music styles, then I suggest looking elsewhere (but read the answer to the question below first if you’re not sure).


  • “What do you mean by ‘Rock and Blues’? Does that include … ?”

This means Rock – from 60’s/70’s Classic Rock through to 80’s/90’s Heavy Rock and Metal – and Electric Blues – from Chicago Blues era through Blues-Rock and Modern Blues.

For example the rhythm and lead guitar playing of musicians like ACDC, Guns n’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Moore, Metallica, Iron Maiden and other similar Electric Guitar orientated music.

It’s worth noting that when you master the playing styles of musicians like these then you will have the skills to play in many other guitar styles in addition to Rock and Blues.


  • “Can I take lessons with you if I am a complete beginner? What if I haven’t played an instrument before?”

Yes absolutely! Getting a teacher NOW is definitely a smart decision. My method is completely customisable and adaptive to each individual student, regardless of their current level, and I love working with people who really want to learn guitar but are just starting out and have never played before. It’s a great opportunity to establish all the best habits from the very beginning, and we can ensure you make the fastest possible progress by doing things the right way from the start. Unlike most other guitar lessons, my Method will enable you to learn and play with real music and recognisable songs right from day one, and you will be able to feel your skills and confidence growing and growing with each lesson. There is also an incredible support system available to you here to ensure you are never left to struggle with difficulties on your own. The only requirement of joining this Program is that you have a passion for Rock/Blues Guitar and the desire to play. Find out how I can help you get started now.

Guitar lessons in Glasgow Guitar Teacher Christy Bannerman

Glasgow Guitar teacher and Frets on Fire Instructor is a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors and the Musicians Union.


  • “I’ve already been playing guitar for a long time. Can your Program help me too?”

Each student has a different background and experience, with individual musical strengths and weaknesses that are never the same for any two people. One thing I virtually always find is that people who have played for many years mostly by themselves are often very good at some aspects of playing, but usually have big weaknesses or even complete gaps in others. Additionally, after being self-taught for a long time, it’s very common for guitar players to ‘know’ (intellectually) a lot more than they are actually able to use and put into practice. However, once your challenges are correctly identified and solved, there is no limit on where you can go from there in this Program – my goal for players like you is to completely master Rock and Blues Guitar playing at a professional level. The first step for you as a current guitar player interested in the Program is to Click Here and fill out the form on the next page to tell me about your background with guitar, how long you’ve been playing, whether you’ve taken lessons before, your current challenges and what you want to achieve etc. After an initial discussion, I will be happy to fully assess your playing and recommend the best solution for you at the free Consultation Session.


  • “I play acoustic guitar. Can I take lessons with you in acoustic guitar?”

No *. You need an electric guitar in order to experience the fastest and most enjoyable results from this Program. Playing this kind of music on Acoustic Guitar is a lot harder, and with Acoustic Guitar we find that there is so much you are unable to do and enjoy in Rock and Blues. You will learn lots of things that can be applied to acoustic guitar and other styles, but students who primarily want to play Acoustic Guitar will not be suited to this Program and should look elsewhere for lessons.

* If an acoustic guitar is all you currently have (for example a first guitar, or old guitar) – but you still really want to play Rock, and could get an electric guitar soon – then it may be possible to start the Program with your current guitar. If this is the case then Click Here, fill in the form, and mention it in the comments box at the end of the form.