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Become the guitarist you have always wanted to be, with the most effective Rock and Blues guitar lessons in Glasgow.

  • Do you love Rock and Blues music and dream of playing great electric guitar, but don’t know how or where to start?
  • Have you played for a while but become stuck in a rut, sick and tired of playing the same old riffs and licks you’ve known for years?
  • Are you struggling to make progress, and wish you were able to easily play all the great songs and solos of your favourite bands?
  • Would you love to have the confidence and skills to jam, and have a great time creating and playing music with other people?
  • Or have you become overwhelmed with information from different sources, and find you are getting nowhere by going it alone?

If any of these situations sound familiar then you have come to the right place! Hello, my name is Christy, and I’m a Rock and Blues Guitar Instructor and Teacher in Glasgow. I can relate to how you feel about guitar right now because I’ve been there too. When I first picked up the guitar I felt like I had zero ‘talent’, and I struggled with it for a long time before I could eventually play the way I wanted to.

I remember how intimidating it felt to start out with nothing but the desire to play, and what felt like a mountain in front of me to climb. I know what it’s like to practice guitar but only make painfully slow progress, and to be unable to play the music that inspires you. I know what it’s like to watch other people playing in bands and jamming with their friends, and not knowing how – or not having the confidence – to do it yourself. I know what it’s like to have had a dream for a long time of what you want to sound like, but still not to feel like a guitarist… or not the guitarist you truly want to be and could be.

The good news is that you are not alone. Many other people who I have helped become excellent Guitar players once felt the same way and thought the same things too. But there is a way through all this confusion and doubt. What I’ve found is that – with the right instructor, and the right specific and highly effective approach – learning and mastering Rock and Blues Guitar really doesn’t need to be a struggle.

Guitar lessons Glasgow

There are so many potential sources of information about guitar available now. In fact, there is more now than there has ever been at any time before. There are so many internet resources – mainly videos on YouTube – but also other online and offline Articles, Books, DVDs and even Games and ‘Apps’ too. You may have had a friend or relative who plays guitar, who you have might have asked for some tips and pointers. Perhaps you’ve even tried to seek professional help by taking lessons with a ‘guitar teacher’ in the past, but didn’t get the results you were hoping for. Perhaps you have tried and become frustrated with one or more of these approaches in the past. Despite all this freely available information – and ‘guitar teachers’ advertising on every street corner – thousands of people just like you are completely confused, and are still struggling to play Rock and Blues guitar the way they really want to.

Why people struggle to become great Rock and Blues guitar players – It’s not their fault … most of the common learning methods just aren’t effective

Although there are some good guitar videos on YouTube, how do you know who is worth listening to and who isn’t? In the vastness of the internet it’s virtually impossible to work out what you need to do ( – what is relevant to you and what is not), or in what order to do any of it. Searching for videos wastes a lot of precious practice time, and it’s very demotivating to have to carve a path through it all which is A) efficient, and B) will ultimately get you to where you want to be in the end. Another big problem is that ‘static’ ways to learn Guitar (that includes Youtube videos, Books, DVDs, Articles and Magazines and other impersonal resources) are unable to give you essential feedback and support on how you are doing. This means that there is no one to help in practical ways like demonstrating ideas, correcting your technique, showing you how to practice something, and answering questions you have in ways you can understand. Whatever the specific medium – YouTube, Articles, Books, DVDs etc – learning by yourself is a long and painful road to mediocre results.

You might have looked to a friend who plays guitar for some direction, but unless they are a professional then they are probably just as confused as you are. It can be a nice way to start out, but in the longer term you become limited by the same problems they have. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of average guitar teachers providing a service that’s not much more reliable than this. Anyone can advertise as a ‘Guitar Teacher’, and many have no training in how to actually teach, nor are they able to provide evidence of good players they’ve produced in the specific styles you want them to teach to you. There are teachers who are experienced and expert players, but you find they usually specialise in styles like Jazz, Fusion, or Classical. Besides not being a fit musically, there is a big difference between someone’s playing and teaching ability. To get results, you need not just someone to demonstrate things for you, but someone to be a coach, trainer, and in other ways a mentor and a guide. Most teachers simply give their students more and more new ‘information’, and you’re supposed to go away and figure out all the rest by yourself. It’s nice to spend time hanging out with a good player talking about guitar, but pretty soon after starting lessons with an average guitar teacher, most people end up right back at square one where they started on YouTube and the Internet; drowning in information they can’t properly use, overwhelmed, and ready to give up.

Finally – A way to learn Rock and Blues Guitar, reach your Goals, and become the player you want to be … and actually enjoy the process!

The unique method I have developed for learning Rock and Blues guitar solves all of these problems and transforms ordinary people into the guitarists they want to be. This method is vastly more effective than trying to teach yourself, and it’s completely different to “Guitar Lessons” that you can get anywhere else. If you have tried some of these other ways to learn in the past, but didn’t have much success or stick with them, don’t worry or feel bad about it. These other methods didn’t work for me, and they haven’t worked for thousands of other people either.

That’s why I created Frets on Fire. In this specially developed Rock and Blues Guitar Program, every possible element of the learning environment is in place to ensure your success at exactly the kind of playing you want to do. This special method makes the process of learning to master Rock and Blues Guitar not just many times faster and simpler than any other, but it makes the path itself fun, enjoyable and inspiring to walk. It’s a complete process that will meet you at whatever stage you are now, and transform your Rock and Blues playing into what you’ve always wanted it to be:

Glasgow Guitar Lessons

  • Imagine an end to wandering about in the dark and constantly being frustrated by limitations you’re unable to fix.
  • Imagine every time you pick up your guitar you can literally hear and see yourself becoming better every day.

  • Imagine being able to effortlessly play awesome Rock and Blues guitar the way you hear in your head, and have people’s jaws drop at how great you sound!

You don’t need to imagine any longer! All you need to do to get great results from this Program and become the Rock and Blues player you dream of being is to do what I will direct you to do – it’s that simple. This Method works, and it works for anyone who follows it. Simply do what I show you, how I show you to do it, and do it when I tell you to do it, and your success is guaranteed.

I’ve already walked the path … Now let me save you years of frustration and confusion, and let’s turn you into the great Rock and Blues guitarist you want to be and have the potential to be.

There are many people giving guitar lessons, and you may even have taken some yourself in the past. So what’s special about Frets on Fire and what I do? I’ll be honest with you – It took me a very long time to reach the goals I set out with to play Rock and Blues guitar. In fact, as I know now, it took me a lot longer than it ever needed to. Even after taking lessons with several good guitar teachers and practicing several hours a day, and using other resources I could find, it still took me well over a decade to even begin to master the type of guitar playing I wanted to learn. Looking back on it now from a vantage point, and after starting teaching other people to play guitar years ago, it was so clear how to get there in a fraction of that time by doing things differently. So I made it my mission to ‘backwards-engineer’ Rock and Blues guitar with the vision to develop a learning method from the ground up that would work for anyone who wants to play these styles of music. I took my passion for Rock and Blues and almost 2 decades experience studying these styles and poured it in to developing Frets on Fire – a way for other people to learn to play great guitar in a fraction of the time it took me. The result of this experience, testing, training, and commitment is Frets on Fire.

Here is what you will get with guitar lessons with me at Frets on Fire:

  • Dedicated Rock and Blues Guitar Instructor, Coach, Trainer and Mentor – you’re not getting the average ‘jack-of-all-trades’ Guitar Teacher you can find anywhere. You work with someone who shares your passion for Rock and Blues guitar, and knows how to teach it to you effectively and get you results.

  • A one-of-a-kind learning system dedicated to Rock and Blues Guitar – Every single element of this method is optimised for Rock and Blues Guitar, so that you progress up to 10x faster than normal ‘guitar lessons’ with an average guitar teacher.

  • Master all the techniques used by the great Rock Bands and Guitarists, so that you can easily tackle ANY song in these styles that you could ever want to play.

  • Learn the secrets to practicing like a pro so that you get to hear and see amazing results within weeks and months, not decades!

  • Progress at a massively accelerated rate by always getting exactly what you need, at the right time, every time. No more guessing about what to do next, and wasting precious time practicing the wrong things in the wrong ways.

  • Stay motivated and inspired by seeing constant forward progress in your playing, and having all the help you could possibly need right there by your side to encourage you and overcome any challenges you encounter along the way.

  • Learn how Rock and Blues music works and find out exactly what makes your favourite songs and solos ‘tick’, so that you have all the tools you need to create your own music and songs.

  • Learn how to effortlessly Improvise and create amazing sounding Blues guitar solos that will stun your friends and family and have people wanting to listen to you play all night long.

  • Learn how to confidently Jam and have great fun playing together with any type of musician, even when you don’t know any of the same songs or practice together in advance.

    Guitar Lessons GlasgowGuitar Teacher Glasgow

How much has ‘Free stuff’ REALLY been costing you?

A specialised Rock and Blues Guitar method like this one – a proven method that lays out for you the exact customised path you need to follow, with an instructor who will lead you down the path and support you and hold your hand every step of the way there, all while making sure your whole experience is fun and enjoyable – is obviously not going to be ‘free’, like the videos you can watch on YouTube. Many people wonder why they should pay for specialised lessons in something when it looks like you can get so much online for free. While a lot of that stuff ‘costs no money’, it is certainly not ‘free’. Have you ever considered what this approach costs you in other ways?

How much is it costing in frustration and confusion, to constantly jump from this to that, trying to figure out what to do next? How much is it sapping your motivation when you have to struggle away and second guess whether the things you pick out for yourself to learn are truly worth spending time on, or even accurate in the first place? What about all the missed opportunities – chances to jam with friends, play for others, or even start a band – that might have slipped by? How much is it costing in wasted energy and effort to have to search for things yourself and practice them with no idea if they are the right things or not? How much is it costing your self-confidence and enjoyment of guitar to find that after so long, you’re still at the same stage with guitar you were years ago, and still can’t play the way you want to?

These are just some of the costs of ‘free’ and ‘doing it yourself’ – the hidden costs that you are actually paying every day by being self-taught and trying to learn guitar on YouTube. As well as ‘saving money’, another thing people tell themselves is that they don’t have time to take lessons or practice. But the absolute biggest cost to learning guitar by yourself IS the wasted time. Every day that you don’t progress towards your goals is a day that’s gone that you can’t ever get back. Time is the worst thing to waste and it is the highest cost to learning by yourself of all. Why? Because time is irreplaceable once it’s gone, and is therefore priceless. Learning by yourself through trial and error costs you far more than any amount of money. If you’re still reading this page, I bet you have probably already wasted months if not years, either waiting to start guitar, or stagnating at the same level for far too long, and on some level you probably know that. The solution is actually right in front of you.

Even after seeing it spelled out like this, some people still choose to bury their heads in the sand and think they can do it all by themselves. Of course, I’m not saying that’s impossible. You might be one of the tiny number (way less than 1%) of people who – after years and decades of constant hard work, sheer iron will, and refusal to ever give up – eventually can master an instrument by themselves. Or you might be in the 99.99% who could still be a great musician, but who will not do it alone. Here is what you should be prepared for if you are really convinced you want to go it alone:

  • To be completely overwhelmed with different information from different sources that you’ll be unable to verify, organise, understand, practice, or use in anything.

  • To feel like you have a mountain to climb to reach your goal(s), and that you have no idea how to get through it all or even if you can.

  • To go through huge, frustratingly long periods of time without noticing much (if any) progress at all in your playing

  • To regularly feel lost about how to improve and like good guitarists must know or have something you don’t

  • To feel like you’ve made some progress in some areas, but like a complete beginner in others because of the huge gaps you will develop

  • To miss out on countless opportunities to play with other people because of Fear, lacking confidence, and not knowing what to do in these situations

  • You will hit ceilings frequently and battle constantly with limitations in your technique and speed which prevent you from playing all the music you truly want to play

  • You will find it extremely difficult if not impossible to translate any ‘tools’ you know into real music (no matter how much practice of them you do, or how fast you might be able to play things in isolation)

  • You will wrestle with constant self-doubt, struggle to remain inspired about guitar when you encounter challenges, and go through periods where you have little motivation to practice and play

  • You will develop crippling ‘bad habits’ which will make it impossible for you to get to the next level and, (worst of all), you won’t even realise you have them nor how much they are holding you back

If you’ve tried to learn guitar online or from a book, or taken some traditional guitar lessons in the past, I can understand if you might be wondering what’s really going to be different this time. You might be doubting a solution even exists, or thinking that the only real ‘solution’ is to keep struggling away by yourself, hoping that at some point things will click in to place. Sometimes it’s not even that previous methods we’ve used have been “bad” necessarily, it’s just that we have given up or not followed them properly because they weren’t enjoyable. The only way you’re going to do something and stick with it is if it’s enjoyable. This method makes learning and practicing fun, musical and effective. Some of the self-destructive thoughts people experience when doubts creep in are things like: “I’m too old”, “I don’t have talent”, “My hands are too small”. I have heard them all, and found time and time again that none of these excuses are real barriers. There are and were countless great guitarists with much more serious things to overcome. The fact is, if you have the desire to play Guitar and the commitment to make a consistent, reasonable effort to do it, then there is nothing stopping you from becoming as good as you want to be.

More than just ‘lessons’ – Here are some my students playing together at a Frets on Fire Concert.


Here are just a few of the special extra things you will get with Frets on Fire guitar lessons, that you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Experience the thrill of taking part in real Jam Sessions and playing in a Rock Band right away, no matter how long you have been playing for, or whether you’ve ever done it before.

  • Have the opportunity to perform and play live so that you stop being a frustrated bedroom guitarist and will be able to impress all of your friends and family with your great new skills.

  • Get comprehensive support with all aspects of your lessons, practicing, questions, and/or anything else you could possibly need help with to keep progressing, during the week even when you aren’t at lessons

  • Receive free additional bonus sessions on different aspects of music and guitar that you can keep forever and review again and again so that you maximise your lessons and progress. The value of these bonus sessions is enormous, and most teachers don’t even teach this stuff in their paid lessons… let alone let you have them all for free as a bonus simply for being a student!


    You know you’ve waited and wondered long enough … The time to take action is now. Let’s do this!

    Let me show you the way through all the doubt and confusion and show you the path to playing great Rock and Blues guitar the way you dream about – it’s much simpler and so much more achievable than you think. I’m so certain that I can help you that I want to invite you to my Studio for a private consultation session – risk free and completely free of charge – to prove to you how we can solve your problems and show you how much better you could be playing right away with my help. We can start by finding the solution to an existing problem or challenge you have, and then I’ll show you how we can take your playing to the next level and beyond. At the end of the free Consultation Session, there will be absolutely no pressure to start if you aren’t 100% fully convinced that Frets on Fire isn’t exactly what you need to finally become the player you have always wanted to be.

    Take the first step to great guitar playing now by clicking the button below. This will take you to a short form where you will fill out some information about yourself to give me a picture of where you are currently and what you want to achieve. I will then be back in touch shortly to follow-up with your message and arrange your free Consultation Session. Click the button below:

    PS The Frets on Fire Rock and Blues Guitar method is totally unique and there is nothing else like it available in Glasgow. This is not the same as lessons you can get with any other teacher. Spaces are strictly limited and once it is full up there will be no way to get in to this Program again. But you can try it out completely risk free today – so, what are you waiting for?! Get Started Now.

    PPS Still not sure if it’s the right decision to get in touch, or thinking of putting it off? Think about the options:

    1 Continue to ‘put it off’ forever. (You know what that means: do nothing, continue to struggle, and maybe quit guitar out of sheer frustration at owning a guitar for years but still feeling like a beginner.)

    2 Go back to YouTube and free online stuff – ie, continue doing what you’ve been doing, what hasn’t worked, and hope that at some point things will click in to place.

    3 Pay more money for less value with local guitar player/teacher to fit you in around his gigging schedule and hopefully get round to throwing a couple of generic guitar tips your way…

    … OR …

    4. Book a free Consultation Session with Frets on Fire and come in to the Studio to try out a session completely risk free while it is still available. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so get in touch now or find answers to common questions about Frets on Fire guitar lessons here.