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Are you looking for an experienced guitar teacher in Glasgow who can help you get fast results?

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We all have an ideal in our mind of the guitar player we want to be… but just imagine how great it would feel to pick up your guitar and be able to play it the way you really want!

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With our lessons you can reach the level of playing you want, and you can get there a lot faster and easier than you might think.

If you want to see yourself playing your favourite rock songs, playing awesome guitar solos, blues jamming and improvising, playing in a band, learning how rock music works, or just wanting to have fun and play great rock or blues guitar in your spare time, our tuition program is the perfect fit.

No matter how new you are to learning guitar, or how long you’ve been struggling with aspects of your playing, our program will help you achieve your guitar playing goals faster and play better than you ever thought possible.

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Frets on Fire is the fastest, most effective, and most enjoyable way to learn rock guitar in Glasgow and take your playing to the next level. Here are just some of the reasons why our guitar lessons are different:

Rock, Blues and Metal all the way

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Our guitar lessons are 100% dedicated to the Blues, Blues-Rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Rock and Metal guitar styles of the 1960’s to 1990’s. We picked up guitar inspired by the same music that inspires you, and every aspect of the tuition program is built around it.

You get to learn guitar and develop your playing with awesome music from the era; from bands like AC/DC, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Metallica, to studying players like Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore, BB King, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and many many others. Even if you’ve never held a guitar before, our method is so effective you’ll be playing a cool song by the end of your first lesson guaranteed!

But mastering the guitar is ultimately about a lot more than being able to play cool songs – It’s about being able to play and do anything you want to with your guitar! As you progress in this program, you’ll really be learning how things work, and how to play and think like the great rock guitar players. So if you want to be able to bust out your own guitar solos, we can show you how!

Real life playing experience — and lots of fun!

Play for real - Glasgow Guitar Lessons

Nobody picks up the guitar to sit alone at home playing a few bits and pieces of songs, however that’s exactly where many people end up. Playing with other people and feeling like a real guitarist is a great source of enjoyment and motivation, but for many people it’s something they never get to experience.

Between finding suitable people to play with, getting everyone together at the same times, finding a place to practice, knowing how to work all the equipment, getting used to playing with people (perhaps for the first time) — and all before you’ve even worked out what you can all do together… it’s no wonder that a lot of people’s dreams of playing in a band remain exactly that.

In regular guitar lessons you might tell the teacher you want to play in a band, but if you actually do want to do anything like that it’s on you to sort it all out. Our guitar lessons are different. With Frets on Fire, if you’ve ever wanted to blast out a Jimi Hendrix or Metallica song at full volume in a band with other guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer, you can — from your very first song if you like!

Learn to Jam and Improvise in a supportive environment

Learn to Jam - Guitar Lessons Glasgow

Great guitar players always say how much playing with other people helped them and made them better players. But if you want to do things like this the problem is you don’t get to do them in normal guitar lessons, and it can be intimidating to walk into that situation by yourself when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Many people think that playing with other people is something you need to wait years until you’re ‘good enough’ to do. Many people also believe that creative skills like Improvising or Creativity cannot be taught or learned, but they can — we know because we do it every day.

In 2012 we created The Jam Class for this purpose, and we’ve been refining and improving it ever since. Whether you want to perfect your favourite rock and metal songs and play them in a band, join in with fun blues and rock jam sessions, or develop your soloing and improvising — the Jam Class is the ideal place to have fun putting all of your learning into practice!

With our Jam Class the best part is how easy it is for you to get started doing all of these things, no matter what your level of experience with guitar. We help every step of the way and can give you things to play that will sound great, challenge you, and develop your skills, no matter whether you’ve been playing for two weeks or twenty years!

Cut through the noise and confusion of constant information

TMI - Glasgow Guitar Lessons

Contrary to what many people assume, learning guitar effectively is not simply a case of getting hold of lots and lots of information. If you think about it, the modern age already provides access to a lot more information and resources than any of the of players we’re talking about had when they were learning guitar. So what’s going wrong?

The answer lies in understanding the difference between Information and Knowledge. Information is just getting the raw facts about something, but Knowledge is having the ability to apply information and skills in useful ways. For example, knowing a scale is information; being able to create something musical and cool like a lead guitar solo using the scale is Knowledge. There are many examples of great guitarists who played using just a couple of scales in a few positions. This is the goal of learning – when you’re able to use, apply, create, and express yourself using what you know.

When you’re already a click away from all the information in the world, what you need most from guitar lessons isn’t yet another source of continuous new information, but someone to help you make sense of it all. What you get with Frets on Fire is 100% certainty that everything you learn is relevant to your goals, is being explained in the best way, and is being delivered in the right order and at the right time for you… and you can have full confidence that everything is backed up by a proper strategy to get you from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest possible time.

The expertise and commitment you need to ensure your success

Guitar Teacher Glasgow

We’re not Music Producers, Touring Artists, Session Guitarists, Recording Engineers, or any other overblown claims… We’re proud to call ourselves guitar teachers. We don’t split our time between music and day-jobs, and we don’t cancel lessons to go gigging with unknown bands — We’re 100% focused on providing the best tuition for you.

It’s often said that a good player is not automatically the same as a good teacher, and this is absolutely right. However, this also doesn’t mean it should be a question of either-or. You deserve someone who is both a great teacher and communicator, and also has the expert skills, knowledge and experience to take you as far as you desire.

It’s rare to find someone who can do a thing themselves, yet also explain exactly what they’re doing to you in an understandable and uncomplicated way. It’s even rarer to find this in the world of rock guitar, but that’s exactly what you get with Frets on Fire!

Avoid the problems, bad habits and pitfalls of learning guitar

“On the one hand this player does X, but on the other hand that player does Y.
There are lots of ways to do something, so just find what works best for you” — Most guitar teachers

Avoid bad habits - Guitar Lessons Glasgow

When learning anything there are an almost unlimited number of ways to get it wrong, and usually only a few ways (if that) to do it right. Just because a guitar player is awesome doesn’t mean every aspect of their guitar technique is good, or necessarily should be copied. A lot of teachers are vague and unclear on what the best things to do are and why, and, on websites like youtube, the advice is contradictory from one video to the next.

When you’re on your own the big problem you have is that you’re basically guessing at what do, and this is really bad for your progress and motivation. You might land on the right solution every time you encounter a challenge … or, far more likely, you won’t. It doesn’t make sense for a teacher to leave these decisions up to you — they’re supposed to have the experience to guide you, and save you the time and frustration of costly guesswork!

We’ve seen almost every guitar playing problem it’s possible to have (and experienced many first hand), and can diagnose what’s going wrong or what is needed in a second. You often don’t even notice when you develop a bad habit, but you can see the ‘symptoms’ of them in your playing; like reaching a barrier in speed or a technique which you can’t break through. We’ll steer you around the many pitfalls of learning guitar, and quickly and efficiently correct any problems you have already developed on your own.

Learn how to practice like a pro and turbo-charge your progress

How to practice - Glasgow Guitar Lessons

If there was one thing that matters most in getting good at guitar it would be how you practice. We’ve all heard the saying that “practice makes perfect”, but to get the best results learning guitar you need to get two main things right when it comes to practice. Firstly, you need to be practicing the right things (‘what’ to practice). Secondly, and even more importantly, you need to be practicing things in the right ways (‘how’ to practice – this part is rarely talked about in detail). With both of these elements in place your progress becomes unstoppable!

But on top of this, guitar practice itself should be fun, inspiring, and musical. Feeling motivated and inspired is essential. People who reach their goals and become great guitarists don’t see practice as a chore; they enjoy the process because they can see themselves improving and getting better every day. If you don’t know the best ways to practice guitar for the level you’re at then it’s the opposite — practice does little, and it becomes something to avoid.

Not only do you get exactly the right things to practice with Frets on Fire, but we show you the very best ways to practice what you learn, and exactly how to target your practice towards your goals. You’ll learn how to rapidly develop the skills and physical techniques you need to master to play guitar how you want!

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